About Us

We Provide the best and useful testing machine

Eqvimech is a global contender and one of the top-ranking manufacturers and suppliers of testing technologies in Asia. With our extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art and competitively priced testing machines, systems, and software, we supply standard or customized solutions for many tests, measurement, and quality control tasks required in the world of modern materials testing.

The key products from the Eqvimech range include hardness testers, universal testing machines, metallography, materials testing equipment, spectroscopy, microscopy, portable testers, and instruments for testing metals, plastics, rubber, textiles, paper, paint, cement, concrete, and packaging materials, as well as technologies for automotive, aerospace, mining, oil/gas/pipe industries, gold & jewelry applications and much more.


As an MSME enterprise, It is Eqvimech’s intent that all supplied products and services fully satisfy our customers, with respect to timeliness, performance, reliability, safety, suitability for the intended application, and freedom from defects. It is the company’s commitment to:

Our Values