Hot Air Oven


Description :

Utilizing forced air circulation, hot air ovens are used in laboratories to perform the effect of aging on various physical properties of any type of materials including yarns, fabrics and paper etc in addition, these forced air convection ovens are also used for high quality drying and baking applications in the field of laboratory, medical or biomedical and pharmaceutical and textile industries, where fast heat up and consistent temperature are prime requisite. Often known as hot air circulating ovens, these units are fitted with blower or fan inside to distribute hot air (warm air) in every corner of the inner chamber. Physical properties of materials are analyzed before and after aging to find out their suitability for specific applications.
Our hot air oven systems offer continuous temperature up to 250°C and feature safe operation; allowing operators to worry-free perform their tests. Standard models of our Hot air ovens are available from 28 liters to 300 liters volume; however, we can design
and manufacture hot air ovens meeting customer-provided temperature range, sizes, and capacities. There are various optional accessories that our company can add on an extra cost to make your working more comfortable. At an economical price, our hot air ovens deliver superior quality drying facilities.